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Default And then there is the real estate issue....

Originally Posted by ShinraCorp View Post
Now I'm not completely sure but I think only the high end video cards will allow you to run 4 monitors, the mid range cards can run 3 and the low range can run 2.

Unless I somehow live under a rock and they created a splitter for DVI or HDMI, I don't think there's any way of doing it, with a mid range card.
Ah ha, a good excuse to upgrade to a high end video card.

But then there is the need find desktop real estate for that fourth monitor.

But in a way I now have a fourth monitor on my desk. My Playbook sits up in its charging unit competing for attention like a mouse in front of an elephant. Actually find myself using his seven inch devise while I sit in front of 55" of monitors, playing with a $149 unit while the PC costing ten times that much sits idle. Oh well, that's "progress".

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