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I guess I should point out that everything else I already own, that being; The OS (WinXP Pro), Monitor (Sammy 226BW), Case (Antec 1200), etc...

My reasons for the PSU is to futureproof abit. I plan to CrossfireX two 4850's and I wanted a very good PSU with soild rails and two 8pin connectors. Plus modular is a BIG PLUS for me.. must be modular from now on for me.
The ram is another case though. I went for 667 to run a 1:1 ratio. I know if I want to OC I should get some DDR800 so if I can get a 3.6 OC I can again run a 1:1 ratio. But since I dont plan to OC anytime soon meh save some cash now and when I do get new ram ill have some backup ram if anything happens.

I do want to thank everyone though for posting!
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