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Originally Posted by BlueByte View Post
The video kind of loses me a bit when minecraft is undermining the TV networks

The minecraft part was explaining people like me. I haven't watched programmed television in about 8 years because the internet is my go-to for entertaining myself. With satellite TV being another $90 service ontop they most certainly have an interest in attempting to keep it alive.

As for TV, there are a couple of shows I'd still like to watch but I have no intention of subscribing to a whole other form of broadcasting(cable/satellite) and obtaining a whole new set of equipment(digital box + tv). I'd be willing to pay per show and watch on demand if these companies would just let TV die already and offer online services.

A prime example is HBO calling the internet a fad while their product is the most pirated of all time. If there was a convenient means of legally obtaining Game of Thrones I'm sure they would acquire quite the customer base.
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