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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
His logic is flawed.... one individual using many concurrent packets causes the network to slow down thus everybody gets the same speed so bandwidth caps are not the solution? Ok, then a restriction on concurrent connections would be the solution to high usage clients (remember I'm the one who doesn't use bittorrent and thus shouldn't be penalized with slower speeds because of somebody else's useage) but that would absolutely kill the current P2P model.
Well that is already built in.

If the backbone is a gigabit going out and there are 10 houses all running 100mbit it really doesn't matter who does what.

However, ISPs, especially in the early 90's loved to stick 1000 houses on one link of the same speed then it's catastrophic if multiple users are using the internet heavily. Everyone crawls to a standstill - ask people living in Richmond back then

It really depends on how they've set up the network.

I agree with jibz. I have all the time in the world to get a game downloaded or whatever, but I don't want to deal with caps.

Companies love caps because they are the revenue generator.

Ever notice that cellphone plans will give you lots of data or lots of voice? You have to fight to get them together. They want to charge everyone a base rate of $50 then have them go over on either data or voice, then they make that extra.

When I negotiated with my cellphone provider they noted that I used about a 100megs/month of data, so they wanted to offer me 500 megs for some ridiculous price. However, knowing that I can tether my phone there is a possibility that I may go somewhere and tether to my laptop and 500 megs probably wouldn't last. Then I'd have ridiculous overages on my holiday - for nothing.

In the end I got 5GB of data for less than what they were originally offering.... and I still use 100 megs a month. Except now I don't have risk (or very little risk) of overages now.

I hate caps.
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