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My System Specs


Honestly the problems with ISPs (Well in Canada anyway.) Is that they overcharge compare to other countries. I understand we have a lot more area to cover but they don't offer their services to 100% of Canada, so I do not see the high price. They also exaggerate on how much they charge once that cap has passed. Pay to much for to slow internet and pay to much for little data we can download/upload.

I wish I could have millions of dollars to start my own ISP (and nothing else, forget TVs and home phones lol.) Build a fiber optics infrastructure to give them great speed, no caps what so ever (somewhere around 250 Mbps sounds about right, probably can't do what Google did with Kansas City.) At a reasonable price, the price should be calculated based: the maintenance costs for infrastructures and a profit for the services (I'm talking about a small profit after paying the employees), nothing else. (Unless I'm forgetting something.)

But it's only a dream and I really doubt it'll become a reality for me, most ISPs have to borrow from Bell's network in order to provide services.

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