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Originally Posted by neliz View Post
No. actually it doesn't.

We implement CPU offset voltage differently and from an overclocking perspective, apparantly better.

In ClickBIOS, go to "Hybrid Digital Power"

And there you can select your offset options, control and compensation.

Set VDroop Offset control to 100% (100% of the set voltage at maximum CPU speed) set Digital Compensation to High and just leave EIST enabled.

This leaves the Load Line Calibration settings at 100% when you set your voltages you want for OC and the system will do the rest.

As you can see from the table below (4.8 GHz LinX) this gives you lower power consumption vs. Asus/Gigabyte, lower temperatures and better performance.

oh .. and NO VCORE fluctuation.

Btw, you can also see that CPU-Z is not a perfect solution for measuring voltages, there is a bigger discrepancy in measured voltages between hardware and CPU-Z than maximum allowed measurement deviation. This is because CPU-Z only polls the SuperI/O chip (as far as I know.)

So in the end, we completely understand that higher power consumption and higher temperatures are a BAD thing, that is exactly why you should get an MPOWER and not any of the other boards.

Another example is X79. With default settings and clocked to 5GHz, an XPOWER II will use less power at Idle than a Rampage IV @3.3 GHz at idle.
Check that out here ( ASUS Rampage IV Extreme BF3 Review - Power Consumption Z77 MPOWER review:
MSI Z77 MPOWER: la prima ad essere certificata per l?overclock - Page 2

Only EIST state used ?
all other C states disabled?
Power option Custom?
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