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My System Specs


Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
That's pretty much all hearsay started by an article in DigiTimes. ASUS has made no official announcements through their investor channel and neither has Pegatron. Until that happens, I won't assume.

In addition, it really doesn't matter WHO is making their motherboards. It could be Ping Pong Corp for all I care.

It all comes down to the QA process ASUS has in place. They could manufacture their own boards in a gleaming facility, implement a shitty QA process and have bucketloads of issues. On the other hand, they can go to almost whoever they want and produce stellar products as long as they have a proper filtering process in place.

Remember, it is ASUS that institutes final technical specs, not their ODM. It is however ASUS' responsibility to ensure those specs are adhered to.
Fair enough, I had seen it floating around in many places and felt like sharing since to me it seems like a major shift from one of the top tier providers out there.
Granted that you are correct in the QA process it still begs the question of how strictly ASUS will monitor the materials that make it out into the channel. If the said articles are true.


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