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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ShinraCorp View Post
I don't really get the AMD bashing lately. People say that it's the drivers fault that most games aren't having good performance or creating video problems.

I've had AMD/ATI cards since 2009 and I never once had problems with any of the cards I had. Nvidia on the other hand I've had many problems with. Most of the time it was Overheating, I've had a BFG card (GT 6600), a XFX card (GS 8400) and a EVGA cards (GS 8400 thanks to XFX burnt GPU), the first two had over heated.

Before anyone says I need to dust off, I did, with a compressed air can. I've also seen some artifacts on screen (could of been because of the overheating though).

But with AMD/ATI, I never did, go figure. Maybe I'm just lucky, maybe I am not destined to own a NVIDIA card, or maybe I'm just helping out the competition by buying products from the one that sells less.

I do remember reading a benchmark somewhere three years ago though about how bad NVIDIA card are in terms of temperature and power consumption, I am not sure if they changed since then but really until I get 1 messed up AMD card I'm not gonna try NVIDIA again, since they never failed me yet.
A lot of stuff is situationally based , when people have issues with one manufacturer over another.
You say for example that you have had no issues, but if you don't play every single game on the market chances are you will most of the time get away scott free.
However, say like myself you played EVE Online with a pair of 6950's, it would have been an exersise in futility to ever get them to mesh right with that game.
Or, your friend with 6850's and WoW.

Now, A lot has changed even for them that might make me go towards an 8XXX series card in the future given that they are putting more honest development into there driver division. Currently as it stands, nVidia has done a great job of not making HOT power hungry cards anymore. Kepler is the pinicle of that design philosophy. Not saying nVidia is not without fault, but I have found less wrong with them over the years.
And, historically I use both in the house (wife usually AMD, myself nVidia).

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