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Originally Posted by ShinraCorp View Post
I don't really get the AMD bashing lately. People say that it's the drivers fault that most games aren't having good performance or creating video problems.
I do remember reading a benchmark somewhere three years ago though about ho

Seriously though, Your not going to get any AMD bashing if people aren't having genuine issues with their cards/drivers. If you have a bad driver it will show up in reviews and on forums. It's that simple. For example, I NEVER had a problem with my HD 4890 nor my HD5870. Both cards and the drivers for them for the most part were great. Lacking in horsepower somewhat especially with tessellation.

But aside from that they played all my games at 1900x1200 with aplomb. But here I have this 7970 (factory OC'ed) and was a review sample so I though that it may have been stressed too much during the review screwing the core or perhaps some heavy OC after the fact. But it does not appear to be the case.

I see your running an HD6950. This is part of what people have been saying, or rather speculating, that the transition from the old architecture (Very Long Instruction Word) to the new (Graphics Core Next) has been...problematic. If you really search the problem out, you will find cases of people experiencing corruption on certain titles and not others going way back to it's launch. This is how you can tell between a bad card and a bad driver.

But in this case, because the length of the problem. I'm wondering if it's a flawed design. It's happened before.

Edit: Another hint is when The GPU or ram is actually cooked, it won't be random. It will fail (Artifact) constantly in every game. Because it simply can no longer work as it is supposed to regardless of application or driver version.

I can play BF3 and Dues EX : HR and Supreme Commander without ever seeing any artifacts. But the Benchmarks Heaven Ver.3 and Stone Giant artifact. With certain drivers, very heavily. Dirt 2 didn't seem to have corruption neither. But Crysis 2 most certainly does.

Unfortunately, I have little time to test a bunch of games. But my small sample seems to be indicative of what most people with 78xx and 79xx series cards are reporting.

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