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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ShinraCorp View Post
a XFX card (GS 8400) and a EVGA cards (GS 8400 thanks to XFX burnt GPU), the first two had over heated
I know the mobile versions of these cards had problems (IIRC one of the layers that bonds the card to the PCB got messed up with thermal cycling). I own a "defective" 8400M GS that still hasn't burned.
Oddly I'm in the opposite scenario having killed a Radeon 4850, RMA'd a 4870, then gave up on the 4870 that came back after the repair. ...all that and yet I still own a GeForce 7900GS that won't die

In this generation, nVidia is better in performance/watt at least in the high end, because the 7970GHz edition pulls out all the stops (including power) to trade benchmarks with the GTX 680, in a similar manner to the 4890 back in the DX10.1 gen. See the outrageous dual 7970 designs.

Back to the OP though, I never got lucky enough to need a video card during the same time as a half-decent game bundle promotion. For instance I got my 660Ti in the very small void of there not being a Borderlands 2 promo.
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