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Originally Posted by ZZLEE View Post
Win 8 64 bit ass much RAM as you can get onto board.
Win 8 32 Bit 4 GB is all it will use anyway so max it out.
I was planning to use Win 8 32 Bit.

Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
I highly suggest 4gb of ram and depending on that CPU it may not be enough. I had troubles playing 1080p with a q6600 and 2gb of ram.

I have a i5 750 with 4gb of ram and a GT 520 and play 1080p perfectly

You don't need a lot of ram.. 4gb is plenty for a htpc
Thanks for the feedback. I was going to use XBMC so an alternative would be to install something like Linux Mint which I could then install XBMC. Are most media centers based on linux or windows nowadays?

Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post

I wouldn't put any money into it unless you can get DDR2 ram for cheap. Do you have both memory slots populated? 2x 1GB modules or just a single 2GB stick?

Memory Support list
I have 2x 1GB modules. I saw for 35$ shipped 2x 2GB and thought it was decent so that's why I was debating if it was worth it.

Edit: Btw, thanks for the replies I appreciate it.
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