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My System Specs


I don't really get the AMD bashing lately. People say that it's the drivers fault that most games aren't having good performance or creating video problems.

I've had AMD/ATI cards since 2009 and I never once had problems with any of the cards I had. Nvidia on the other hand I've had many problems with. Most of the time it was Overheating, I've had a BFG card (GT 6600), a XFX card (GS 8400) and a EVGA cards (GS 8400 thanks to XFX burnt GPU), the first two had over heated.

Before anyone says I need to dust off, I did, with a compressed air can. I've also seen some artifacts on screen (could of been because of the overheating though).

But with AMD/ATI, I never did, go figure. Maybe I'm just lucky, maybe I am not destined to own a NVIDIA card, or maybe I'm just helping out the competition by buying products from the one that sells less.

I do remember reading a benchmark somewhere three years ago though about how bad NVIDIA card are in terms of temperature and power consumption, I am not sure if they changed since then but really until I get 1 messed up AMD card I'm not gonna try NVIDIA again, since they never failed me yet.
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