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Originally Posted by ShinraCorp View Post
If they're introducing a cap I'm going to switch real fast haha. Besides if they add the cap without notifying me then I hope they have fun with the CRTC... then again I think I'm the only guy in my area who has Telus Optik everyone else is Videotron. Heck there's a Videotron cable box on my front yard.... and a Telus Fiber Optics box across my house.

Umm, you do realize that they have had a cap for years. It just wasn't enforced. But one thing they are doing, at least in the west, is reducing the cap. For example I am on the Telus Optik turbo 25mb plan and it had a cap of 500GB, but as of Feb. (I think), it is going down to 250GB. I am not happy about it and it does make you think that they might just start enforcing it.
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