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My System Specs


Originally Posted by WhippWhapp View Post
Telus is introducing a cap soon, not sure if they'll enforce it.
If they're introducing a cap I'm going to switch real fast haha. Besides if they add the cap without notifying me then I hope they have fun with the CRTC... then again I think I'm the only guy in my area who has Telus Optik everyone else is Videotron. Heck there's a Videotron cable box on my front yard.... and a Telus Fiber Optics box across my house.

Originally Posted by Inik View Post
Take a look a teksavvy & Electronic box.

I have electronic box in Montreal, and I'm satisfied (not unlimited, no need for it).

I also have two friends in Sherbrooke using them, one has unlimited. It seems good so far!

To me having unlimited is important to me, I've used to be with Videotron and they capped it at 200 GB a month (upload and download) I pass it real fast since I rented a dedicated server so I upload GBs of files and download backups of the server to my PC (right now the server holds about 25 GB worth of data) so you can imagine how fast I'll pass 200 GB, I also buy most of my games off of Steam so there's another heavy internet usage, and then I just switched to Ooma for VoIP with my home phone to pay 5$ a month instead of 30$, so that also uses the internet a lot (depending on how long the conversations are anyway.)

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