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I would like to see proper work put into PC user interfaces, and not just ported over from consoles. Borderlands 2 was supposed to have a PC-built menu and game interface, and it still isn't what I would call 'built from the ground up' for a PC (in fact I mostly use the keyboard to navigate it). Even after Gearbox promised us the PC version would have dedicated work put into it.
Far Cry 3 is another example from recent memory, the menus and in-game interfaces are straight console ports if you ask me, the map being my biggest complaint.

When Steam has an ever increasing concurrent online user count of nearly 7 million at my last count, you'd think developers would notice and not just shy away. Look at the top sellers list on steam even as far back as before the winter sale: Far Cry 3 was in the top 10 from release and thru the entire 2 week sale or wasn't very far out of it for very long, and continues to be after the sale. That's a $50 game selling like hotcakes even with the interface like it is. Hell even Skyrim made it back into the top 10 the other day. I hate to keep using Steam for examples but the numbers are easier to come by, 50 million registered users, minus the bogus accounts of course. But maybe the bogus accounts make up for those who boycott Steam DRM and go to Gamersgate, Gamefly, Greenman, or others.

These are great topics to make a point of, I just hope Canadian Devs like Ubisoft and Eidos take notice. It's got to be so much more financially easier to release patches for PC games than consoles, every day that goes by with no updates to my fave games like FC3, makes me a little bit sadder.
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