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I'd like to quantum leap and change vinister's attitude. support your site. We are family here while I may never see SKY as Montreal is a ten hour or so drive from Hamilton, you can be sure that I will support this forum and the integrity that has been damaged by having an image stolen. This isn't about about just us. This is about Canadians as a whole. Done are the times of us bowing down, let the might canuck rise up and mow down our oppressors like the tree's the beavers use for their dams. Let us soar above the the clouds of the super information highway like the loons that use our red and white skies. Let us stand tall against the use of trademarked, copyrighted, watermarked etc. images like the moose that patrol our highways and our hearts. Canada, show your red and white. Drink a 24 of Canadian, walk across the border with no pants on and stand up for a violation. We are not just forum members. We are the lumberjacks, the hockey players, the beer drinkers, we put maple syrup in our hair and coffee when we have a bad day, we are the ones who go to Tim Hortons every day and they know our name. We are the forum members who stand up for our leaders and damn it most important of all

WE ARE CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!!

:canadia nwave::c anadianwave::canadianw ave::can adianwave:

That is why this is a ten page thread, because Canada is dam well worth standing up for.

And I give this thread a:

for patriotism and dam good kick ass Canadianess'
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