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Yes, that goes without saying. Now, read a little further where this guy's theory is shot down. It's 30+ pages for crying out loud. And I am one of the people suffering from this issue.

I'll post a quote from just down the page:

I have the same issue with 12.8 driver and witcher 2, but not as much as in the video. Going back to 12.6 solved it for me.

I also have minior flicker/flashes in various outdoor locations in skyrim, while other (most) areas are flicker free, with both 12.8 and 12.6.

Heroes 6 also hase some radom flicker, tested with 12.4 and 12.6.

I have tried to downclock the gpu and vram a lot, and raise voltage, but the flicker is still present in these games.

I have not seen any flicker in Batman Arkham City, Alan Wake, Metro 2033 or Dead Space 2.

For these reasons I think it might be a driver issue.
I personally started off with the 12.11 Beta's. Going from there I went to 12.10's and most of the problem is gone. Not all but most.

I had a similar experience with my X1950Pro where if I tried to play Far Cry the screen went bananas with every colour in the rainbow using the driver off the disk. It was a bad driver. Very similar to how it behaves now with some games and Unigine Heaven. All went away save for a minor quick white flash just before the daylight bridge swinging scene.

If this was just a bad overclock you would expect it to be most everywhere in most every game. Most of the complaints are not from guy's OC'ing their cards. Though I suspect some may. I am not one of them. But I am suffering from the same problems. It doesn't mess up in BF3 for example. But I didn't bother installing the CAP this time.

I think that over aggressive performance coding and the newness of the GNC architecture and the coders learning curve culminated into this mess. Just a hunch though.
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