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My System Specs


This weekend pretty much marked the end of my build log. A lot of frustration and some ridiculous back pain kinda cut it short. Alas, I'm pretty happy with the finished product.

This is what the finished front grill looked like. Surprisingly it was a lot easier to get the grill back onto the plastic frame than it was getting it off.

This is the picture I got of the old and the new. You can hopefully get a sense of how damn big the Cosmos II is. That and it's kinda sad to see how messy the backside of my U2-UFO was.

What's a mod without problems, problems, and more problems? I seem to not know how to measure properly. Originally I had shown you guys the placeholder radiator I used for sizing things. That measures in at 28mm of thickness. The rad I have now is an XSPC AX360, which is 40mm thick. Seeing as it was the cooling for my old rig I had no way to pull it out and check for sure before I chopped up the case. Somehow I managed to measure up thirty millimetres as opposed to the forty that it is. The end result, a lot of chopping up a $350 case for no reason. I ended up having to put the rad inside the case and the fans on the top.

With that major frustration aside I got my watercooling all hooked up and ready for leak testing. I used Primochill's new tubing and I was actually pretty impressed with it. Seems to be pretty damn pliable without kinking. It does have a bit of a funky smell to it though. Lots of leftovers from trying to cut the tubes to the best lengths! Keep an eye out for them later, they're actually pretty useful. (A quick hint for those looking into watercooling. Buy something similar to these tube cutters, they're probably the best investment I've made for WCing.)

To get the proper bend for the GPU to pump tube, I used a little boiling water and a cup. Took about two minutes in the hot water and then a quick bath in cold water when it was shaped to my liking.

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