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My System Specs

Default 2 X-Fi s, 1 computer

The problem

I have two sound cards 1) Auzentech X-Fi Hometheater HD, 2) Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic PCI. I'm trying to get them both to work in my computer for recording purposes.

The issue lies in the drivers. When I install the Auzentech drivers, the Creative device will not work and when I install the Creative drivers, the Auzentech device won't work. I've tried using WinRAR to extract the drivers from each package and installing via Device Manager but the same problem arises. I'm guessing they use the same file names so only one version of the driver can exist per computer.

Only one card will work at a time depending on the drivers I have installed. I'd prefer to use the Creative card as opposed to my onboard sound as the secondary card but if there's no other solution I'll have to use my onboard. I'm using Windows 8 64-bit with the latest Win8 drivers for each card.

What I'm trying to do

As a mini-hobby while I game, I've decided to pick up FRAPSing while I play for editing later. I've recently picked up video editing/encoding so I'm still pretty new to everything.

I'm trying to separate my game sounds from my VOIP communications (Mumble) so I can have 2 separate audio streams while editing. I want to only have Mumble communication in the final product, with no game sounds. Google tells me I need to output my Mumble to another sound card, and I can have another program (Audacity) specifically record from that output into a sound file.

This would (hopefully) allow me to record my video stream without sound, and record my VOIP communications into an audio file, then combine the two later while editing. All while being able to hear everything while playing.

I hope that clears up what I'm trying accomplish. If anyone has a better way of doing that it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading.
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