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My System Specs

Default New Cabling, will this cause a short?

Hi guys.

Recently I overclocked my 3770k to 4.5GHZ with the Noctua NH-D14. I read online and i noticed that my temps of about 70-75c in prime 95 seemed to be high compared to others. Then i read that you shouldn't plug the noctua directly to the motherboard but to use molex power cables (i believe that is what they are called) in order to push the fans constantly at 100%. I know fan controllers are an option too, but i wanted to take pictures and show them to you before i do anything. Currently im typing this on the same system. What i did is i hooked it up how i think it might work, took a picture, and went back to my old setup for now, no issue.

Here are the photos:

This is how it is currently, with the exhaust fan going into the molex. (just how i want the CPU to go)

Another shot of same setup

This is how i want it to be if possible or maybe there is a better way. Also, please note that im not sure if you can attach those two molex plugs that you can see near the bottom of the screen.

Another view

Last but not least: If there is another product i could use to make this more efficient/neater, please let me know. this is my new build and i dont want to blow anything up haha. I already had to go through two RMAs for DOA products.

Thanks guys!
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