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Default Why do people think Windows RT is confusing?

I keep reading how Microsoft hasn't made the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT clear and when I look for reviews on new units tech pages often have articles linked to the reviews explaining "the rather confusing differences". I just cannot understand how people in any way can be confused by the concept of Windows RT. It never even occourred to me that it should be a problem until I discovered the mass of articles explaining what I thought was obvious.

Windows RT: Modern UI and desktop is both available, but expect for the pre-installed software such as Paint (I believe?) and Office '13 Home and Student it will only run apps installed from the Microsoft Store - exatly like an iPad will only run apps from the App Store and not software like a normal computer. The desktop is also used for file management I've been told.

Windows 8: Everything that Windows RT has but fully capable of running software like any other desktop or laptop computer. In other words it's a complete computer experience and not 'just' a tablet.

Unless I am missing something important, how on earth can people not understand that Windows RT is simply a tablet interface like on any other tablet that will allow you to use the pre-installed Office software as a nice bonus?

(No rant intended, I honestly do not get people's confusion).
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