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vortex is a good thing to have, if designed from the get-go to get said vortex smoothly, almost like a prop in water would be, however, just like said prop in water if it cuts to hard or spins to fast for the cut that it is making, cavitation could be a result.

Also, quite a few modern heatsinks close up the sides and just leave fins to wick the heat, sometimes dimpling the fins themselves for more surface area or (not the mouths or push/pull area)to aid in smoothing/collecting the airflow(less resistance just like a golfball) there is only so much that can be done, the heatpipes themselves are doing the vast majority of work.

Now if you could make the heatpipes into the sides of said heatsink and allow them to wick thier liquid into the fins(like a rad per fin type thing) then you could probably boost the cooling power exponentially, but as it stands, there is very little to boost them, they are at thier pinnacle more or less, the size of the hatsink and its fins i.e wide,tall,thick and a couple other factors.
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