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My System Specs


In the links I provided you can see the agreement you have to sign on your phone to use it does entitle google to spy on you. They are open about it, as you can see from the first link. Read your gmail account waiver too. To use my university(google) email account I had to consent to an illegal waiver that would have me give up inalienable rights.

The whole point is that to use the hardware you purchase and own, you have to sign inalienable rights away. In Canada you have the right to be free from arbitrary search and seizure. Because you cannot use integral hardware pieces such as the camera and microphone without "consenting" to being spied on, it is arbitrary.

I also realize that there's gotta be people hacking their android phones and running whatever apps they want on it, but I don't have that kind of time (right now).

The Ubuntu phone is the freedom phone because, theoretically (assuming they told the truth that it is not a port but in fact is Ubuntu), you have total control of all hardware devices integral to the phone right out of the box.

For myself, I do fear e-theft. I'm currently in a fourth year science student at the U of A with a double major in physics and math and am considering a graduate program. I do worry about having my original material stolen from my computer. I also worry about my tax files, business data, investment data, bitcoin wallet, and personal data stolen. The best place to have sensitive data is on a self contained linux usb stick that is encrypted and stored in a safe place (i.e. safety deposit box or fireproof safe), and i'm hoping this phone also comes with native encryption, like Ubuntu does.

The other alarming fact about a native backdoor app in the camera and microphone is the potential to get hacked. I'm not a software developer, in fact I can only program in DOS and html(if u can even call it programming), but if the samsung TV can be hacked so easily, because there is native remote access functions for the camera and mic, couldn't a mobile native remote access program get hijacked as well?
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