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Originally Posted by croy_00 View Post
At retail. Buying enough of those directly from the manufacturer, with a guarantee that you will sell tens of millions of them tends to change prices of components.
Computer hardware core components volume discount levels are typically very little. Tens of millions by one retailer or even reseller is pretty unrealistic considering the variety of brands and models.

Strictly speaking at retail level, the most I've seen move for a single brand, model at one retailer over life time of the product was about 1,000 pieces and I'm talking about some of the high ends.

Realistically, even with commitment of hundreds of thousands of unit, I just don't see manufacturers dropping their pants and marking down price to extremes.

I would almost go as far as saying, if you can commit to that kind of quantity then they may not even give out discount because: you've created demand far beyond supply, they also know the card is now a 'HOT' product means they don't need to give out discounts to push the products out the door and they don't want one retailer/reseller monopolizing a single model.
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