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Default Hauppauge PVR 2 "Gaming Edition" problems

Alright so, I've been having a problem with my video capture device ever since I got it.

When ever I play my PS3 and try recording it, the TV flashes (as in it goes black for a second then reappears) this happens every 5 seconds around and it's annoying. I noted that when I play a game that's 1080 pixels (Plants vs Zombies for example) the flashes only happen once every minute or two, while if I play Street Fighter Third Strike online a 720 pixels game, it happens every 5 seconds.

I've updated the drivers to the latest version (directly from the support page website.) I've contacted them and they agreed to a RMA, however once I got their new one, it still does the same thing.

I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with this?

Currently the PS3 Display Settings is on 1080i (uses Component cables, thanks to HDCP protection...) and it's plugged to a Playstation Display (it costed me 300$ for a very beautiful display)

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the flashing? The support team doesn't seem to know what the problem is either.
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