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990's are usually well behaved when it comes to TRIM. The drivers still mess up from time to time...but its not the issue it was with the 8 series (I was 0 for 8 on 890 mobos that I tested for TRIM). Still not as good as Intel...but getting closer every year :)

If you want to be 100% sure....get either
1) Intel 520
2) Sammy Pro 840 (avoid the std 840 it uses TLC nand.)
3) Crucial m4 (M4 had a timer firmware bug which was corrected so its a non-issue now.)
4) sammy 830 (or various plextor branded SSDs)

First two have a software program that can be setup to run 1 per X days (I set it 1 per week...even in TRIM envrios just to be 'sure') and it runs a 'manual' TRIM that issues a cleaning command even if the rig can not accept TRIM the std way (ie it even works on XP rigs and rigs that dont want to pass on TRIM). Plug and play simple. The number 3 relies solely on ITGC/BBGC and is still a good option (I ran a M4 for a loooong time on my last gen AMD rig). BUT you need to let the rig idle from time to time. 830 is EOL so its harder to find...but uses the same custom software as the 840. First two are more $$$ than the last two (though some of the new plextors are the same as the 840 pro and $$) so you will get less space for your budget.

Any of them will be great choices.
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