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Cool SSD for AMD system

Hi, I am considering installing a SSD to go with my 990FX-UD3 FX8350 5.5G system. I was looking at some reviews from some customers and I saw one where a customer bought a Corsair Neutron SSD and it didn't perform like he thought it should . I guess corsair or maybe it was Mushkin , but anyway they told him it would work a lot better with an Intel system . If that is true could someone suggest a 256G SSD that would be compatable with an AMD system like mine?
Another newbie question is my other idea is .... to put windows 8 on the SSD and have it as another chioce for awhile because I am not sure about windows 8 so it would be great to plug in the SSD for awhile and when I want plug the mechanical with windows 7 in when I want to game and feel at home with my computer. So I don't see where that would screw things up do you ? I mean the board and CPU just read whatever is given it on whtever drive , correct?

Thanks for listening , PCMike
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