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My System Specs


Been just playing on my playbook. Got totaly hooked on Need for Speed, love the way that you "drive" the tablet and the graphics and should are good (had some old Blackberry headphones). Bought one game, Asphalt 6 (for $ .99) and playing it way way too much. Just like NFS only different cars and tracks. Also got into the free GT Racing HD. Anyone know any more high definition graphic racing games? Have not tried to side load any Android apps. We also have an android tablet (an ASUS Transformer) which I can use for android apps if I want, but it is my dearly beloved's toy. The upside of the Blackberry is the bridge to my blackberry phone which I use for business. Docs to Go looks like it would fit the bill of taking notes at meetings and transfering them back to my main system through the blackberry bridge. It also syncs to all my business contacts, my calendar, etc. It does not have the 1,000's of apps that Apple & Android market place, but so far it has more than I need. How many apps does a body need anyway? And at $149 for a 32 GB tablet that fits into my hand and works like I think it should, I'm not complaining. We don't do Apple in our house but my daughter is a Mac girl. She got an Ipad for Christmas. I tried it, and tired using her Mac computer while we were visiting. I like my Playbook and our Android tablet better than her ipad.

Long live BB ~ I hope.

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