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Out come the conspiracy theorists. Grow up guys, it's an enhanced form of identification, a system that has been in use for centuries. Card based access has been around for decades at least. I had a card at university to keep track of my tax free dollars I could spend and to give me access to secure rooms. There's no GPSing here, there's no sub-dermal implants here. This kind of system has been installed at various business and institutions for ages now. I have a hard time seeing how this is a real privacy concern, or how I lose a freedom. Are they going to restrict my access to a particular room..?

Plus, she was offered to carry a card without a chip and she still refused. This is mere silliness. Let's have some realism here. I would love to know if students were vandalizing school property, or if my employers were stealing product or supplies.

iPaine - you hypocrite. Why suggest that you would track them via cell phone if you think that kids shouldn't be tagged as such? That makes no sense. Besides, the RFID tags would work inside the school, and only inside the school. The Cell GPS would not only not work inside the school, it would be able to track your kids everywhere. Now that's a more scary thought.
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