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Originally Posted by crazyea View Post
So, I installed windows 8 in the fall. I hated the Metro UI from the start. But.......

I tried to go back to Windows 7 yesterday. LOL. It didnt last on my pc for more than a couple of hours.

- prefer the new flatter window design. MS is right. Aero is gimicky.
- prefer the flat, square windows to the rounded ones in 7.
- love Win 8's task manager. Its a huge improvement.
- Simple things like copying files is way better in 8. I love the realtime transfer speed graph.
- Win 8 really seems snappier to me.
- dislike the windows store apps and reall dont like all of the ads at all. But after uninstalling the apps I dont care for and organize the start screen to my tastes, I'm ok with it.
- The menus in win 8 are better as well.

I cant go back to win 7 now, I am growing used to 8. I give a lot of tech support to people so it only makes sense for me to be running the latest os.

Anyway, I guess I am turning around a bit and becoming used to win 8. Feels dirty for me to go back to 7.
Although I can't agree with Metro, Start8 and Win8 have been a winning combo with me for many of teh reasons you state.
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