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Originally Posted by dukesdad View Post
Updated the Bios and all is well. For Now.
Definitely keep my eyes open for a better board.
I should know better than buy a $125 board, with a $1000 dollars worth of equipment depending on it.
It may be a cheap board but things like USB-ports and that "basic" stuff is almost the same even on expensive boards.

I have the Z68-V LX myself and i am very pleased with it. Could never imagine it would overlock this good.
I run my i5 2500k 3.3Ghz @ 4.7Ghz, fully stable with prime95 @ 1.360v. Load temp with prime95 are max 80() degrees celsius with air. I use the Noctua U12 cooler.

(Sorry for bad english, i am from Sweden) :)
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