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My System Specs


I'd say the 3570K, I think it's the same price, At me it is, roughly.

It beats the fx-8130 most of the times and is better with gaming, though the difference with Single GPU is not very much. Though, if you ever go multi-GPU the 3570k beats the FX-8130 easily. I just read you'll re-use the 460 sli, so yes, get the 3570k instead.

The FX-8130 is only better with multi-threaded applications, though the difference is not that great. for a comparison.

Since you're going to overclock, get a higher rated RAM than 1600MHz, or else you have a chance your RAM will hold back your overclocking.

With a PSU get Seasonic or Corsair. They are good quality PSUs. Don't know about Thermaltake, but I'm just telling what I know.
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