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Didn't we already do this with PC hardware? hardware is multi-core but software is single threaded so it can't take advantage of multiple cores.

It's really awesome that Samsung and all these other companies are releasing multi-core CPU/APU/ARM whatever you want to call it but unless they can magically translate single threaded software into multi-core optimized software. I don't really see point or benefit to this unless I've missed a page and don't know about the magical translation that happens on the fly..

In fact, I would rather like to see a decent dual or quad core CPU that consumes less than 10% of current gen CPU while on load. THAT would be something worthwhile to get excited about. Although on a second thought it might be nice to see something like this in a one of those smaller PC (PC in a drive, Gumstix, etc.) and use it as a media player.
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