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The official reason for the schools that are doing this is so they receive funding. Basically they way most of the publicly funded schools work is that if a student is not there for roll call in the morning the school doesn't receive funding for that student for that day. With these RFID chips they can see if the student is on school property and therefore get funding for that student for that day.

All that said I frankly think it is complete crap and no way in hell would I ever let my kids be tagged like that. My kids are humans not frikken cattle!!! Anyways I could always track them using their cell phones if I really wanted to.

But one thing about this case in particular, she got offered a lanyard without a RFID chip in it, but she still had to wear the lanyard that has a bar code with student info embedded into it. Also part of the reason she has been turned down is they are using religion as a reason not to wear it. So I'm pretty sure that is what really made her lose the case.
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