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Originally Posted by Jack Rabbit View Post
orly? The thesis seems to be that this guy took HWC/Sky's work, for profit, and gave no credit. This seems a little vague to me and warrants a lot more exposition. If 3GM had been DMCAed by Fox for taking the 13 seconds of FF4:RSS footage, for profit, without crediting it, do you really think the response here would have been, "right on - you go Fox - protect your rights"?
Here is my point: we didn't take ANY legal recourse against 3DGM. None. We could have but chose not to since we wanted to settle it behind the scenes and end things as amicably as possible. Whereas a company like Fox would go for DMCA jugular at the drop of a dime.

Yes, some people took things a bit far on other forums by attacking 3DGM on a personal level. We do not support that kind of route but it is understandable.

Put yourself in our shoes and I am sure you would have done the same thing by appealing to 3DGM in a diplomatic email asking to either reinsert our watermark or remove the image. Then having a reply which basically calls your attempt at diplomacy "ridiculous" while denying any wrongdoing. We weren't asking for much and tried to keep things behind closed doors but other readers / sites were attentive enough to find the same thing we did.

While we could very well have fired a shot by calling in the dogs (ie: lawyers) we chose not to and in this you are 100% correct. Everyone should be aware that trotting out the lawyers is taken VERY seriously which is why I will refer you to my first point: we didn't let them loose.