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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
I'm not a huge fan of this. Water cooled block but with an 80mm fan for air cooling. That thing is probably going to SCREAM! Part of the whole idea of water for many people is silence.

Also what happens when you have a H80i or something installed on your cpu and the radiator to the rear of the case. How is anyone goiong to run more then 1 of these?
Don't think so, for those who don't want to risk the chance of breaking the card when jerry rigging an h100 on to it, this is a pretty fantastic solution. (If you have the $$$)

The 80mm is there to cool the VRM and board, I don't think it would even begin to be audible for the most part.

For the amount of space it takes, you're looking at the cooling performance of a Kuhler 920/H80, as opposed to the super massive DIRECTCU's & Matrix's, which probably don't even begin to compare thanks to heatsink restriction.

I doubt whoever buys this would have the problem of not enough 120mm outlet/inlets, even the cheap mid size towers come with a bottom inlet, worse comes to worse, mount it to the side panel.
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