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My System Specs


An Ultrabook is simply a laptop that meets Intel's specs for being an Ultrabook; I'm willing to bet that the branding also costs money. Think of the "Centrino" thing Intel did before - I got a laptop with a Broadcom WiFi card, so it wasn't "Centrino". There are great laptops out there that aren't "Ultrabooks", for instance any laptop with an AMD processor (since Ultrabook is an Intel branding). I just purchased an Ultrabook because I wanted a SSD cached drive, and for some reason only the Ultrabooks had such a storage system. I really didn't care for the "thinness" or the anti-theft tech, but I cared a lot about the SSD and anything that isn't an ultrabook for the consumer space is crippled with a slow HDD. (Yes there's buying a separate Momentus XT but I don't want to have to modify a brand new laptop because they're just not fun to work on, with the flimsy cables internally.)

If you have a customer who's asking what's the difference, just point them to Ultrabook specs. As always with computers, just look at the parts the user needs regardless of silly marketing terms.
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