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Put it this way:

Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A-DH71 from NCIX: $1429.99

Desktop with similar config:
Intel Core i7 - $300
DDR3 4GB - $40
256GB SSD - $200
Motherboard - $120
Monitor 24" - $160
Keyboard/Mouse/Webcam/Speakers - $60
Case - $50
Power Supply - $80
Wireless Network Card + Bluetooth USB Adapter - $30
Windows License - $100

Total Value - $1140

Assembly + 1 Year Accidental Damage Coverage - $150

It's not most accurate price nor does it reflect identical part in comparison to the Asus Zenbook Prime that I am comparing a premium product against what I believe is a median value for those products. Depending on quality and personal opinion prices can significantly vary especially on peripherals. It varies from company to company on what they charge on assembly or additional coverage but knowing NCIX charges 50 dollars for assembly and I think 75 for premium assembly PLUS Accidental Damage Coverage for 1 year, I thought 150 is a reasonable number. (50 dollars for assembly and then 100 dollars for warranty which is well below 10% of unit price.)

We did end up with a cheaper desktop that outperforms the Ultrabook. Having said this, even without the assembly and warranty do I think paying extra 290 dollar is worth it to be able to carry it around with you all the time? I think so in fact, I would probably buy it in a heartbeat if I had the money for it.

I hope this reply changes some people's view about Ultrabook. Yes they are relatively more money compared to other laptops but in all honesty it's not much more and you should be getting flagship/premium product that not only performs well but fulfills a status quo that some people desire.
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