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All I am going to say is it's freaking stealing pure and simple.

Think about it.

If you let someone steal from you and do nothing about it then there will definitely be a next time. And if you did nothing then you deserve be ripped off.

@ Vinster: I would be concerned about getting your car stolen, for 1 getting to and from work would suck:), 2 if said crackheads would have say run someone over guess what you could be sued for any damages, Oh you have insurance you say read the fine print, your car was involved in a illegal activity , you have no insurance it's invalid. Sure they will pay to have your car replaced/repaired but they wont payout for damages to the victim.

I have family that a few months ago something like that happened to them , it was a stolen car the driver drove into the side of my family members house, their options, pay it out of there pocket, claim it on their house insurance ( that raises their rates ), sue the driver ( he's a crackhead so whats the point he has nothing) or sue the owner of the car......... guess whom they are suing?

I am in no way singling you out just thought you should be aware of the ramifications of what could have happened to you.

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