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Originally Posted by concinnity View Post
Never had any issues with anything from OCZ. They just have a bad rep due to a few bunk products a while ago. They have since then had a massive management "overhaul" so to speak, and are cranking out great things. Also, you won't really want to run a WD Red. They are designed for multi-drive settings like in servers or NAS arrays. Better off getting a black (fastest/least efficient), blue(less fast/more efficient), green (slowest/ most efficient)
Well that is fine and dandy for you but experience says otherwise.....and I trust experience more than anything else. plus you do a search on Google and OCZ does indeed make short-lived ALL of its products currently and from the past. I am happy that you got an extremely RARE good one......take care of it.

However I digress and the choices are up to the OP. Looks like he did the right thing and switched out for a better SSD after all.
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