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Default My os compremised or ?

So, had some odd things going on lately .... random lockup with internet access going like crazy still ..... double clicks when I didnt do so, clicking on a preview panel of a web browser tab to select it & it clicking on the actual web brower behind the panel to name a few things. Then as of recently last night I went to sleep with some files hosting n my im's n such running & I awoke to the hosting client still going, but my msn, skype & quite a few of my web browser windows/tabs exited out of.

I have ran up to date avg & S&Destroy scans revealing no viruses & little to no spyware on my drives.

My questions is then, what might be causing this? a still underlying virus/malware? Trim running on the drive to clean it? corrupted os?

thanks for all responces.

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