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Originally Posted by muse108dc View Post
1) Pick a goddamn save location and stick to it. It gets extremely frustrating every time I want to find one of my save games I have to google. There is no excuse for it at this point and I'm surprised and disappointed microsoft didnt dictate this with Win8.

2) End this fad of always online crap please. I should not be playing single player games online, this has been getting frustating on my laptop when I'm away from home that I'm being more and more limited. Theres also the fact that its killing mods, imagine if Diablo3 could have been modded.,....

3)DLC. I will pay more for better DLC. I will not pay 10 dollars for a different appearance or a few extra weapons. I will pay 20 for an "expansion". I really miss the kind of content expansion packs like shivering isles and I fail to see why DLC has to be bite sized. The DLC i've bought in the past has been the stuff on steam sales for 2.50 because quite simply its not been worth more than that.

4) No more MMOs. 2012 was the year of it, I want proper games again please. You dont have to blend multiplayer and single player, pick 1 and go with it.

What do you want to see from gaming this year?
I agree with the online connection needs to go for single player. I don't care about achievements or anything Blizzard, if I want to play alone then don't ask me to connect to the Internet and don't think this is a good anti-pirating measure, Starcraft 2 has already been pirated for single player usage, not sure about multiplayer. What happened to you Blizzard? You used of been cool and all of your games were fun, until World of Warcraft came out and shat on your reputation. (I seriously hate WoW)

- What I would like more for developers though is none bias online passes or DRM, Steam has already a stupid DRM in place already so I cannot play my brother's games that's installed on my computer.... I understand Steam is great for indies since they don't have to spend like thousands of dollars to distribute their games.

- EA, stop being jealous of Valve and get rid of Origin... seriously I like Battlefield 3 but you make me go on a stupid web browser to go and pick my matches that requires me to install a plug-in in order to launch my game. Best part is the website doesn't support 64-bit web browsers so I have to use chrome all the time if I want to go on Battlelog. Is it so hard to just browse through the servers in game, like in the past (Battlefield 2142 is personally my favorite FPS on PC)

-THQ I hope to god you survive but you seriously need to focus on good games not this WWE or Spongebob whatever the fulp it is. Focus on games that you know will sell: Company of Heroes, Darksiders, Metro, heck you're sitting on a IP that can probably sell millions just by slapping the name of it (Warhammer 40k, I bought all of Relic's WH40K games lol)

-Also for the love of god PLAY TEST YOUR GAMES! I understand that day 1 patches can happen if a bug slipped somewhere after the game went gold. But somehow we're seeing more and more of these mess ups because they never tested their games. Remember the NES? They play tested the heck out of it to make sure there's barely any bugs... and it works... well except LGN games...
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