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My System Specs


I really like the layout of the back I/O shield. 4xeSATA ports, 4xUSB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0: that's more than most ATX motherboards give you... I definitely haven't seen four eSATA on a motherboard's rear I/O before.

Hmm so Radeon 7660G likely means mobile AMD A10'ish on the x86 side, so I definitely have to agree that this is underpowered. At 1080p medium details, most of the AAA games on Steam's front page would be CPU bound by that unless they jack up the clock speeds. Getting to the desktop A10 levels would be sufficient for medium, but then the power brick would be almost as big as the "console".

The dimensions seem just barely big enough for a 92mm fan, which I hope is what they're using.
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