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My System Specs

Default Slow Netgear STORA

The Issue: Whenever I upload anything to it (Via FTP or simple Windows dragn'drop/copy) it's veeery slow. 25kb/s, sometimes it jumps up to 5mb/s but doesn't last for long.

The Setup: 2Wire 2701HG Router, Wired Laptop. I've also tried my with my Cisco M10 Router, same results.

Additional Details: Downloading files off of it seems to be fine. Yes, I took an entire night uploading 100mb file and copied it back to the system from the NAS. I've installed the additional software that came with, no change in my results. I've swapped the drives and checked them individually, they work fine.

I'm pretty new with NAS's but I'm not computer illiterate. I'm quite sure that nothing bandwidth intensive is going on our network and that I should be seeing much more than 5mb/s. Not sure what other details to post, any assistance would be appreciated! I'm willing to redo any of the steps I've done above if needed.
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