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Default Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

I can't believe there's no thread on this game here!
It's the most fun I've had in a multiplayer game since back in the MOHAA days (the original, not the poopy remake)

Apparently it was named indie game of the year for 2012.

For those not in the know, it's a 1st person slasher (think mount & blade) but is MP only (though you can start a solo game with bots)

Several different game types: Free-for-all, TDM, last man standing (TDM with no respawns until next round), king of the hill, CTF and my fave: Objective where the attacking team needs to complete a series of objectives & the defending team has to stop them.
Example of one objective map is the attackers need to raze a village & slaughter the peasants in stage one, then in stage two push a battering ram to the castle, then once the door is down they need to slaughter the king (MVP of the defending team becomes the king & gets dmg and health boosts)

It runs on the unreal 3 engine, so graphics are adequate, but it's the sound and gameplay that won me over. I loved Mount & Blade, but the combat in Chivalry is so much more visceral. You can decapitate people with a well timed head slice, chop off limbs, explode heads, burn them alive. You can feel the weight behind the weapons & for the most part they're balanced pretty well (halberd needs a nerf though)

Foud different classes (archer, vanguard, man at arms & knight) each has 3 primary weapons, 3 secondary weapons and a special item (shield, throwing axes etc)

The sound is absolutely fantastic. I don't know who they got to do the voices for the various taunts and warcries you can spam while fighting, but it's absolutely brilliant. The Mason vanguard laugh is the classic muahahahahaaa which is perfect for uttering while slaughtering helpless peasants, while the archer has some awesome taunts: That's a big sword - are you compensating for something?

Anyway, you can get it on steam. It was on sale for $15, but even at full price of $30 it's well worth the investment.

Random gameplay vid that should convince you if you're undecided: Chivalry: Criken's Cowardly Crusade - YouTube

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