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Default My new years resolutions for developers

1) Pick a goddamn save location and stick to it. It gets extremely frustrating every time I want to find one of my save games I have to google. There is no excuse for it at this point and I'm surprised and disappointed microsoft didnt dictate this with Win8.

2) End this fad of always online crap please. I should not be playing single player games online, this has been getting frustating on my laptop when I'm away from home that I'm being more and more limited. Theres also the fact that its killing mods, imagine if Diablo3 could have been modded.,....

3)DLC. I will pay more for better DLC. I will not pay 10 dollars for a different appearance or a few extra weapons. I will pay 20 for an "expansion". I really miss the kind of content expansion packs like shivering isles and I fail to see why DLC has to be bite sized. The DLC i've bought in the past has been the stuff on steam sales for 2.50 because quite simply its not been worth more than that.

4) No more MMOs. 2012 was the year of it, I want proper games again please. You dont have to blend multiplayer and single player, pick 1 and go with it.

What do you want to see from gaming this year?
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