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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Normally I am excited with MB releases, but there latest offerings in the market have been lacklustre, and even I defaulted to my tradtitional Intel boards vs EVGA.
To Boot, I bet that MOSFET heatsink gets in the way of a lot of coolers (though hard to say without a better offset picture of the MB).
Coupled with that massive E.....hate to say it EVGA you guys have a ways to go in my eyes to bring you back to the glory days of X58 and the E758 board.

GLORY Days? Of what, 28 revisions of the same 'board on the X58 chipset, all named 'classified', because each previous one had a 'bug' that they wouldnt fix, except by a new revision?

I'm long done with EVGA, and wont even support their GPU's any more due to the motherboard fiascos I delt with. They go right beside Gigabyte Motherboards.

But hey, my disclaimer applies
My Disclaimer to any advice or comment I make;
Originally Posted by CroSsFiRe2009 View Post
I'm a self certified whizbang repair technician with 20 years of professional bullshit so I don't know what I'm talking about
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