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My System Specs


Two things:
1. It matters what you use to back up the OS, and which OS it is. You'll have to watch out for partition alignment if Windows is on the very first partition of your hard drive to begin with, and you're using an older tool (e.g. Acronis 2011 or earlier) to do the backup. In those cases, it will restore your OS with an offset that will reduce performance. If you're using Windows Vista Business/7/8 Pro's built-in imaging tools or a backup tool that's designed to work with either SSD or "advanced format" drives, you won't have this problem.
2. See tweaks in part 9 of this post: So you wanna buy a SSD? Read this first.
The turning off defrag is the most important one, while the rest are arguably optional. For Windows 7 or 8, if you run the "Windows Experience Index" test, Windows will do #1,4, and 5 for you if it thinks it will help. Personally I only did #4, and kept with Windows 8's defaults for handling a SSD.
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