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My System Specs


Originally Posted by MSwhip View Post
Well if I work on 10 Word Documents and 15 spreadsheets all opened at the same time, it seems pretty intensive to me. Going back and forth permanently (aside from having other programs also running)
Where do you find your computer too slow for what you're doing? Unless you have Excel spreadsheets that are so formula/macro-loaded that they take several seconds or minutes to load up, your computer seems more I/O bound than CPU-bound. (Meaning those tasks are better served by ways to make stuff load faster off the disk rather than making your computer crunch the numbers faster.)

Do you have a solid state drive (SSD) yet? Installing Office and your OS on an SSD would cut your loading times by 75% or so right there. The going back and forth, assuming the documents are already open, is just RAM, which you have plenty of at 6 GB.
You also mention that you have a bunch of hard drives in a USB/eSATA enclosure. If you're using USB 2.0 then that's a major source of your "slowness".
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