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Originally Posted by GregH View Post
Doing the sweeping wind trick I assume?
I refuse to take advantage of game mechanics like that.

How can someone who has left rejoin the fight? I thought they couldn't get thru the portal.
after playing 650 hours on a squishy DH, its a very nice change in pace for me to face roll MP10 as a monk.. LOL. And technically, all monks make use of the mechanic on some level.

But the person who left the game mid-uber fight (so they have to at least maybe do some damage? not sure if they need to or not, but always good to be sure), but as long as they re-enter the game before you kill the uber, they will get the drop. They can flag to you after you killed the uber. So they can wait in town till you are done. Another thing to note is, if they are out of the game, but still in the party, their 5NV stack timer is paused.
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